Bose EQ- Proof of Concept

The first earbuds designed for the world around you.

They eliminate the noises that don’t matter, so you can focus on the sounds that do.


The OS lives on your smart phone. You first take an audiogram test to calibrate your earbuds and then control their function with your phone. Within Settings you are able to capture a voice profile of individual people. You should then isolate wavelengths in order to amplify or cancel specific voices. Sliding your finger from left to right allows you to control the volume. Its levels are reflected in the opacity of the name. A cancelledout wavelength will display a tiny minus sign to indicate the voice has been cancelled. You can also use the shortcuts at the top of the profile box to either cancel an individual voice or connect with another person's device.

Special acknowledgement must be given to all the team members on this project:

Steve Nass (CW)

Karen Bolipata (CW)

Haik Petrosian (CS)

Seth Powers (CBM)

and extra special props to Toliver Roebuck (AD) for his amazing Cinema4D skills