At its core the company writes and delivers answers. Positioning it as an Information Innovation company would define the company by simplicity. Creating a foundation for what they seek to own— Understanding.

Front-end Design

Together with the content teams, we mapped our all the information they needed to communicate.

Every step of the process currently in place was documented and redesigned to address their immediate and forseeable needs.

To assist us with this project, we developed a persona workbook to depict the user(Anne) and ensure that we held Anne at the center of the design.


If IBM's Watson had a little step brother, it would be our reasoning engine. We pushed and collected data from vehicles in order to constantly learn to deliver the most optimal solutions.


The IVH app, another one of the company's digital products, assists drivers with all of the specific operation information for their vehicle. Updates are constantly pushed to each model and usage data collected to improve the product.

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