How do we deliver vehicle operation information to drivers in a critical situation?


Build an application that makes contextual information as easy to find as possible.

Oh (insert favorite expletive here)!!!

Hmmm, what does this do?

How do I?

is how some of the pain points that we wanted to solve for were captioned.
We needed to assist drivers as immediately as possible when they engaged us. Our app gave them vehicle specific information for their circumstance faster than if they thumbed through a manual and more precise than a search result on Google.

UX Consulting

The focus of UX on this project deals with the user's interaction with and navigation through the application.

As well as keyboard design options, the layout of where information is placed, and the placement of buttons and menus was enhanced.


Overview video describing the In Vehicel Help App.


Tweddle Group has partnered with the FCA US Uconnect team to create the first mass-market in-vehicle user guide with touchscreen delivery. On-board Vehicle User Guide debuts in the 2016 Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger, and Chrysler 300.