The text logo reads in two ways.

FIND, describes the engagement with information.

In addition, the text logo also spells the word AND. This reinforces the ampersand in the mark and the positioning of connnectivity.

The logo mark expresses 4 different concepts.

The four concepts are used to establish a system for the four areas where the company is focused.(those areas can not currently be stated)

The first is an Ampersand symbol(&)— "AND"

This supports the idea that an answer pairs with a question.

For there to be an answer someone must first write it. The company’s core service is the authoring of technical answers.

The second concept is a magnifing glass with a retrieve action. This is intended to visually communicate Find. Leveraging the Search icon that we are all familar with now and the engaged action of acquiring information.

The third concept pays tribute to the automotive industry in which the company has served for so many years. The mark depicts the profile of a person with their hands on the steering wheel.

The forth concept depicts the image of a person turning the pages of a book. It is an homage to the history of manuals that launched the company and continues to be a big part of its operations today.

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